828 DTC Bus Route – Timings: Karampura Terminal – Galibpur Village

828 DTC Bus Route

Connecting Delhi’s Karampura Terminal to Galibpur Village, the 828 DTC bus is a popular choice for daily commuters in Delhi NCR. Covering a distance of 34.6 km with 59 Stops, the route passes through a number of locations between Galibpur Village to Karampura Terminal with a total 21 trips everyday.

The entire popular route is operated by the Delhi Transport Corporation, and all are powered by eco-friendly CNG buses with a total travel time of 1hr 30 minutes. With comfortable seating and efficient frequent services, the DTC 828 bus makes it a convenient and reliable choice.

Delhi Bus Route 828: Timings and Schedule Information

DTC Bus Route 828 runs from Karampura Terminal to Ghalibpur Village with 46 trips daily. The first bus starts at 5:20 AM and the last bus runs at 9:50 PM with frequency varying during peak and off-peak hours.

Up route timings from: Karampura Terminal to Galibpur Village

Bus startsKarampura Terminal
Bus endsGalibpur Village
First bus8:20 AM
Last bus9:20 PM
Total stops59
Total departures21 every day

Down route timings from: Galibpur Village to Karampura Terminal

Bus startsGalibpur Village
Bus endsKarampura Terminal
First bus7:00 AM
Last bus9:20 PM
Total stops59
Total departures20 daily

828 DTC Bus Routes & Stops

Up route: Karampura Terminal to Galibpur Village

Stop NoBus Stand Name
1Karampura Terminal
2Moti Nagar
3Moti Nagar Market
4Kirti Nagar
5Basai Darapur / Ramesh Nagar
6Bali Nagar
7Raja Garden
8Rajouri Garden
9Tagore Garden
10Tagore Garden Metro Station / Tatarpur
11Subhash Nagar Crossing / Mukherji Park
12Meenakshi Garden
13Sant Pura Tilak Nagar
14Tilak Nagar
15Janakpuri East Metro Station/ Nangli Zalib
16District Centre Najafgarh Road
17Dholi Piao
18Vikaspuri Crossing (Shivaji Marg)
19Uttam Nagar Terminal
20Uttam Nagar
21Prem Nagar
22Om Vihar
23Kiran Garden
24Nawada Gaon
25Mohan Garden
26Rama Park
27Dwarka More Metro Station (Sewak Park)
28Kakrola More
29Kakrola Bridge
30Nangli Dairy
31Chhathh Ghat Park
32Arjun Park
33Nangli Sakrawati Crossing
34Nangli Sakrawati
35Sai Baba Mandir (Nazafgarh)
36Power House NajafGarh
37Tuda Mandi
38Najafgarh Delhi Gate
39Police Station Najafgarh
40Najafgarh Dhansa More
41NajafGarh Dhansa Stand
42Khera More / Ghuman Hera Crossing
43Krishna Nagar / Gopal Nagar
44Khaira Village
45KharKhari Nahar / Khera Dabur
46KharKhari Jatmal / Surhera Crossing
47Pandwala Crossing
48KharKhari Rondh
49Hasanpur Village
50Devta Wala Mandir
51Ghuman Hera More / Shikarpur Crossing
52Ghumman Heera Village
53Ghuman Hera DTC Depot
54Jhul-Jhuli Check Post / Ghumanhera Crossing
55Jhuljhuli X-Ing
57Amrawati Piyau Galib Pur Road
58Ghalibpur Piyau
59Galibpur Village

Down route: Galibpur Village to Karampura Terminal

Stop NoBus Stand Name
1Galibpur Village
2Ghalibpur Piyau
3Amrawati Piyau Galib Pur Road
5Jhuljhuli X-Ing
6Jhul-Jhuli Check Post / Ghumanhera Crossing
7Ghuman Hera DTC Depot
8Ghumman Heera Village
9Ghuman Hera More / Shikarpur Crossing
10Devta Wala Mandir
11Hasanpur Village
12KharKhari Rondh
13Pandwala Crossing
14KharKhari Jatmal / Surhera Crossing
15KharKhari Nahar / Khera Dabur
16Khaira Village
17Krishna Nagar / Gopal Nagar
18Khera More / Ghuman Hera Crossing
19NajafGarh Dhansa Stand
20Najafgarh Dhansa More
21Police Station Najafgarh
22Najafgarh Delhi Gate
23Tuda Mandi
24Power House NajafGarh
25Sai Baba Mandir (Nazafgarh)
26Nangli Sakrawati
27Nangli Sakrawati Crossing
28Arjun Park
29Chhathh Ghat Park
30Nangli Dairy
31Kakrola Bridge
32Kakrola More
33Dwarka More Metro Station (Sewak Park)
34Rama Park
35Mohan Garden
36Nawada Gaon
37Kiran Garden
38Om Vihar
39Prem Nagar
40Uttam Nagar
41Uttam Nagar Terminal
42Vikaspuri Crossing (Shivaji Marg)
43Dholi Piao
44District Centre Najafgarh Road
45Janakpuri East Metro Station/ Nangli Zalib
46Tilak Nagar
47Sant Pura Tilak Nagar
48Meenakshi Garden
49Subhash Nagar Crossing / Mukherji Park
50Tagore Garden Metro Station / Tatarpur
51Tagore Garden
52Rajouri Garden
53Raja Garden
54Bali Nagar
55Basai Darapur / Ramesh Nagar
56Kirti Nagar
57Moti Nagar Market
58Moti Nagar
59Karampura Terminal

828 DTC Bus Route Fare

The cost of riding this bus from Karampura Terminal to Galibpur Village typically ranges from Rs 10 to Rs 25, depending on the destination.

What is the 828 DTC bus route pass?

The 828 DTC bus route pass is a monthly pass that allows you to ride the 828 DTC bus route as many times as you want.

Where does the 828 DTC bus route start and end?

The 828 DTC bus route starts at the Karampura Terminal and ends at the Galibpur Village.

Where can I buy a monthly pass for the 828 DTC bus route?

You can buy a monthly pass for the 828 DTC bus route at any DTC bus depot.

All 828 DTC Bus Stops

828 DTC Bus Route – Timings: Karampura Terminal – Galibpur Village
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