DTC Bus: Delhi Transport Corporation

Step into the official DTC Bus website, your ultimate hub for everything related to the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) bus service. We take great pleasure in offering you a complete online platform where you can effortlessly explore a plethora of information about DTC Buses, Routes, Stops, Timings, Schedules, Fares, Bus Stands List, and much more.

Our dedicated website DTCBus.co.in is thoughtfully crafted to provide you with utmost convenience and user-friendly experience. Through our intuitive interface, you can easily navigate with over 800 diverse Bus Routes and pinpoint the one that perfectly caters to your destination. We provide detailed Route Maps, schedules, and real-time updates, so you are always aware of the bus timings and any service disruptions.

About DTC Busses

DTC buses pride themselves as Delhi’s main public transportation provider, serving as the backbone of the city’s transport system. Established in May 1948 DTC is among the world’s largest operators of CNG-powered bus services, operating with a fleet of over 7,000 buses, boasting an extensive network covering diverse routes and destinations.

Ticketing and Fare Policies

DTC Bus prioritizes affordability and accessibility. Our website provides transparent information on Fares, Ticketing Options, and Concessions for eligible passengers. Explore various Ticket Types, Payment Methods, and the convenience of Digital Ticketing through Mobile Apps.

Types of DTC Buses

Delhi Transport Corporation operates a fleet of buses that gives transportation services to millions of daily commuters. DTC buses are an essential part of Delhi’s public transport system, and they cater to the diverse travel needs of commuters. DTC categorized their buses into four different types as AC, non-AC, Low-floor, and Low-floor AC. Each type offers a distinct travel experience on Delhi’s roads.

DTC Bus Stands List

Bus Stands provides convenient locations for boarding and alighting from buses in Delhi. These stands are strategically positioned throughout the city, offering passengers access to various routes. Bus Stands serve as hubs for commuters, facilitating organized and efficient public transportation, connecting people to different destinations within Delhi.

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