DTC Bus Pass and Fare

DTC Bus Pass and Fare

DTC bus pass or card is a travel pass scheme that allows commuters to travel on DTC (Delhi Transport Corporation) buses within Delhi without having to purchase a ticket every time when they board a bus. The bus pass offers a cost-effective and convenient way to commute on DTC buses, especially for those passengers who travel frequently.

DTC offers a variation of passes such as Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly, and Yearly, so that commuters can travel easily as per their convenience. These DTC bus passes can be used for hassle-free unlimited travel within the validity period of time, and the cost of the bus pass is usually less than the total cost of buying separate tickets for the same journeys. Overall, the DTC bus pass is a practical solution that promotes the use of public transport.

DTC Bus Pass Rates

The DTC (Delhi Transport Corporation) Bus Pass Rates vary depending on the Type of Pass and the duration of validity. Here are the current rates for DTC Bus Passes –

PassesNon-AC busAC bus
Daily PassRs. 40Rs. 50
Weekly PassRs. 280Rs. 350
Fortnightly PassRs. 560Rs. 700
Monthly passRs. 800Rs. 1000
Quarterly passRs. 2,280Rs. 2,850
Half-yearly passRs. 4,440Rs. 5,550
Yearly passRs. 8,640Rs. 10,800

Types of DTC Bus Pass & Rates

Different types of DTC bus passes are available such as Student Passes (Concessional); General Passes (All Route G.L.S.); Press Passes (All Route G.L.S.); Senior Citizens Above 60 Years (All Route G.L.S.); Free Passes; Inter-state (NCR) Passes; BPL/AAY Family members Passes; Airport Express/Coaches Passes, individuals can select the most suitable option for their needs. The cost of the bus passes varies depending on the type of passes and the duration for which it is valid. The pass usually has a photo of the pass holder and is non-transferable. DTC also issues a Green Card for daily bus commuters.

The DTC offers various Types of Bus Passes to cater to different commuting needs, these include:

1. Student Passes (Concessional):

Designed for students pursuing full-time education, this pass provides discounted fares exclusively for educational purposes. It requires valid proof of enrollment and identification.

Type of Bus PassMonthly ChargeTwo Months ChargeQuaterly ChargeFive Months ChargeHalf-Yearly ChargeYearly Charge
Student Destination PassRs. 100Rs. 200Rs. 300Rs. 500
Student All Route Special PassRs. 150Rs. 300Rs. 450Rs. 750

2. General Passes (All Route G.L.S.):

Suitable for regular commuters, this pass allows unlimited travel within a specified period. It gives facilities and money savings for those people who depend on the buses for their daily mode of travel.

Type of Bus PassMonthly ChargeQuaterly ChargeHalf-Yearly ChargeYearly Charge
General All Route (Non-AC bus)Rs. 800Rs. 2,280Rs. 4,440Rs. 8,640
General All Route (AC bus)Rs. 1000Rs. 2,850Rs. 5,550Rs. 10,800

3. Press Passes (All Route G.L.S.):

The DTC offers Press Passes for All Route G.L.S., providing journalists with convenient access to public transportation across Delhi. These pass bestow exclusive rights upon the press members, ensuring streamlined and smooth transportation, free from inconvenience.

Type of Bus PassMonthly ChargeTwo Months ChargeQuaterly ChargeFive Months ChargeHalf-Yearly ChargeYearly Charge
Press All Route Non-AC PassRs. 100Rs. 200Rs.300Rs. 500Rs. 600Rs. 1200
Press All Route AC PassRs. 200Rs. 300Rs. 600Rs. 1000Rs. 1200Rs. 2400

 4. Senior Citizen Passes Above 60 Years (All Route G.L.S.):

Reserved for senior citizens aged 60 and above, this pass offers discounted fares and priority seating. For this pass, age verification documents are required to avail the benefits.

Type of Bus PassMonthly ChargeTwo Months ChargeQuaterly ChargeFive Months ChargeHalf-Yearly ChargeYearly Charge
Senior Citizens Above 60 Years (Non – AC Pass)Rs. 50Rs. 100Rs. 150Rs. 250Rs. 300Rs. 600
Senior Citizens Above 60 Years (AC Pass)Rs. 150Rs. 300Rs. 450Rs. 750Rs. 900Rs. 1800

5. Free Passes:

Free Passes, allowing eligible individuals to enjoy complimentary travel on DTC buses. These passes offer cost-saving benefits and promote accessibility to public transportation for specific categories such as Divyangjan (disabled persons), Freedom Fighters, International Sportsmen, National Award Winners, War Widows & their Dependent, MLA’s/MP’s of Delhi with one attendant.

Type of Concessional PassesYearly Charge
Disabled Persons PassesFree
Freedom Fighters with one AttendantFree
Sports Man (International)Free
National AwardeesFree
War Widows & their DependentsFree
MLA’s/MP’s of Delhi with one attendantFree

6. Inter-state (NCR) Passes:

It facilitates seamless travel between Delhi and the neighboring states of the National Capital Region. This pass permits suburbanites to easily travel across state borders and experience effective cross-regional transportation services.

Type of Bus PassMonthly ChargeQuaterly ChargeHalf-Yearly ChargeYearly Charge
Delhi to BahadurgarhRs. 1160
Delhi to GurgaonRs. 1500
Delhi to GhaziabadRs. 1640
Delhi to FaridabadRs. 1800

7. BPL/AAY Family Members Passes:

DTC provides BPL/AAY Family Members Passes, offering subsidized travel for eligible individuals belonging to Below Poverty Line (BPL) and Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY) families. These passes aim to ensure affordable transportation for economically disadvantaged households in Delhi. These passes motive to ensure reasonable transportation for financially disadvantaged families in Delhi.

Type of Bus PassMonthly ChargeTwo Months ChargeQuaterly ChargeFive Months ChargeHalf-Yearly ChargeYearly Charge
BPL/AAY Family membersRs. 500 (Non-AC)Rs. 1000 (Non-AC)

8. Airport Express/Coaches Passes:

It grants convenient access to the Airport Express Line and dedicated coaches for Airport Transportation. These passes work with smooth and effective travel to and from the Air terminal, ensuring a problem free driving experience for passengers.

Type of Bus PassMonthly ChargeQuaterly ChargeHalf-Yearly ChargeYearly Charge
Airport Express/Coaches AC and Non AC bus (in NCTof Delhi Only)Rs. 1400
Delhi-NCR-Airport AC and Non Ac busRs. 1800

It is important to note that these Bus Pass rates may vary, and it is always advisable to check the current rates on the official DTC website before purchasing a bus pass. Additionally, the validity of the bus pass starts from the Date of Issue and not from the Date of First Use. So, it is recommended to purchase the bus pass a day or two before you start using it to maximize the benefits.

Know about DTC Green Card

Green Card: It is a Daily pass for Unlimited travel on all DTC city bus services except Palam Coach, Tourist & Express services. Valid for Rs.40 (Non AC) and Rs.50 (AC) throughout the day. It cannot be used for night travel.

Green Card is a special facility provided by DTC for bus commuters in Delhi. It is a prepaid card that offers a cashless and easy method to pay for bus fare. Passengers can recharge the Green Card with a desired amount and use it to board DTC buses without the need for cash. The Green Card promotes hassle-free travel and saves time by eliminating the process of buying tickets for each journey.

How to Purchase a Green Card?

To purchase a Green Card, you can visit any DTC bus stand or DTC bus pass section. You will need to provide a passport-size photograph and a valid ID card. The cost of the Green Card is Rs.40 for non-AC buses and Rs.50 for AC buses.

The Green Card is a noble way to save cash and time on DTC bus travel. It is an easy and affordable way to get around Delhi.

Benefits of DTC Bus Pass

Having a DTC bus pass comes with numerous advantages for commuters. Here are some key benefits: 

1.  Convenient Travel: With a DTC bus pass, you have the freedom to travel across Delhi without worrying about purchasing tickets each time. This saves time and gets rid of the hassle of changing money or standing in long queues.

2.  Cost Savings: The bus pass offers significant cost savings compared to buying individual tickets for each journey. It provides discounted fare rates which is very beneficial for everyday travelers.

3.  Unlimited Travel: The DTC bus pass allows unlimited travel within a specified period, enabling you to hop on and off buses as per your convenience. People who have busy schedules and need to travel multiple locations in a day will find this flexibility to be ideal.

Validity and Renewal of DTC Bus Pass

DTC bus passes have different validity periods depending on the pass type and duration chosen during the application. Passes can be valid for a week, a month, or even longer durations. To renew your bus pass:

1. Visit the DTC bus pass center or authorized vendor or DTC pass section before the pass expiration date.

2. Provide your current pass and necessary identification documents for renewal.

3. Pay the applicable fee for the chosen pass type and duration.

4. Receive your renewed bus pass upon successful completion of the renewal process.

Lost or Damaged of DTC Bus Pass

In case of a lost or damaged DTC bus pass, follow these steps:

1. Report the loss or damage to the nearest DTC bus pass center or authorized vendor.

2. Provide the necessary information, such as your name, pass type, and other relevant details.

3. Pay the prescribed fee for the re-issuance of the bus pass.

4. Once the request is processed, you will receive a replacement bus pass.

Terms and Conditions of using DTC Bus Pass

When using the DTC bus pass, it is essential to adhere to the terms and conditions set by the Delhi Transport Corporation. Some common terms and conditions include:

1. The bus pass is non-transferable and should not be used by anyone other than the authorized pass holder.

2. Passengers must carry and present their bus pass whenever requested by the conductor or authorized personnel.

3. Any misuse or fraudulent use of the bus pass may result in penalties, including cancellation of the pass.

4. The bus pass remains the property of the Delhi Transport Corporation and must be returned upon request or expiration.


The DTC Bus Pass is a convenient and affordable option for travelers in Delhi. With its different types of passes, easy process of application and multiple advantages, it becomes a popular and favorite choice for daily commuters, senior citizens, students and tourists. By opting for a DTC bus pass, people can appreciate unlimited travel, save money on fares, reduce environmental effects and experience trouble-free transportation across the city.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use my DTC bus pass on any bus route within Delhi?

Yes, the DTC bus pass allows unlimited travel on all DTC bus routes within Delhi.

Is the DTC bus pass valid for travel during all hours of the day?

Yes, the bus pass is valid for travel during all operational hours of DTC buses.

Can I transfer my DTC bus pass to another person?

No, it can not be transferable to another person, it should only be used by the authorized pass holder.

What should I do if my DTC bus pass is stolen?

Immediately report the theft to the nearest DTC bus pass center and request a replacement.

Are there any age restrictions for purchasing a DTC bus pass?

No, there are no age restrictions. The DTC bus pass is available for individuals of all age groups.

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